More than a festival, CurieuCity brings life to your neighborhoods throughout the year! The programming is designed in collaboration with local initiatives. This is an essential part of CurieuCity’s DNA. This collaboration enriches the program by offering a diversity of perspectives and talents rooted in the community. Here, we highlight the commitment and operation of our local partners. 

CurieuCity aims to promote scientific understanding and engagement among the general public. In each neighborhood, the festival highlights a specific scientific issue, inspired by the concerns of the residents.” 

CurieuCity aims to establish a sustainable and participatory interest in science by co-constructing projects with local communities and schools throughout the year – giving a central place to citizens and schools from the neighborhood in its programming. At each edition, participants from the pre-projects will have the opportunity to present the results of the projects or workshops they have attended. On this page, you can discover everything that is currently ongoing. 

More information coming soon…