Odd Paper

Create your own personalised, sustainable notebook

Creating a personalized notebook from various types of collected paper.

OddPaper? That’s a Brussels-based company that crafts sustainable, personalizable notebooks from old paper sourced from local printers and companies. The notebooks are made entirely from 100% reclaimed paper. The company collects, sorts, and creatively repurposes Belgium’s own paper waste to create unique, personalized notebooks. In this workshop, you can learn how to handle and repurpose waste paper yourself.

Join this distinctive and practical workshop during CurieuCity. Create a personalized notebook from different types of collected and reclaimed paper and immerse yourself in the circular economy and the reuse of materials. At the same time, discover the fascinating story behind OddPaper, founded by Nastasia Anzad, and learn about various binding techniques. Whether you have a passion for writing, drawing or simply want to contribute to a more sustainable world: this workshop is for you!

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