Play Corner

This activity is only available in NL-FR

In the CurieuCity play corner, game and innovation come together in a series of fascinating board and building games. Discover “Amai!”, where players race to create a clever AI solution first. With simple rules and an appeal to creativity , this game is suitable for anyone interested in technology, without needing to be an expert.

For nature lovers, there are games such as ”Le Rallye des Vers de Terre” and “Le Jeu du Potager”, where players explore the wonders of urban agriculture. “Carcassonne” invites you to build medieval landscapes, while “Salad 2 Points” combines strategy with a healthy dose of fun. For crafters, there’s ”Villa Paletti”, where building a stable structure under pressure is key.

“Babel” and “Takla” offer a cooperative challenge where collaboration and balance are essential. This diverse collection of games offers something for everyone, from deep strategic games to light and quick ones. Come to CurieuCity’s play area and be surprised by the world of board and building games!