cassette audio

Xavier Gazon


What is the impact of music on plants?

In a harmonious marriage between art, science, and nature, Xavier Gazon’s art installation “Gahalana” offers a unique immersive experience where plants become listeners to a polyphonic orchestra on magnetic tapes.

“Gahalana” is a bucolic sonic ecosystem inspired by scientific studies on the interaction between sound and plants. Xavier Gazon, artist and sound luthier, created this installation to express the subtleties of botanical communication.

As visitors wander through this sound garden, they are invited to listen closely to the vibratory whispers and be carried away by this multisensory experience presented for the first time to the public.

Xavier Gazon, a composer, sound artist, and performer, uses techniques to unveil the secrets of the plant kingdom. He invites you to reconsider our relationship with plants and perceive the richness of their sonic world. Immerse yourself in a sensory experience that will broaden your perspectives on interspecies communication and the impact of sound on nature.