Irene Gutiérrez Torres & Rola Zamzameh

Meet the artist – Reel Borders & Cinemaximiliaan

Join us for a conversation and film projection with Irene Gutiérrez Torres (VUB, Reel Borders) & Rola Zamzameh (Cinemaximiliaan).

Reel Borders studies how borders are imagined through film. Reel Borders presents a collection of shortfilms made during a participatory film workshop in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa, on the border with Morocco. These films offer a unique view of the world through the eyes of these women, bringing their stories and experiences to the forefront in a compelling and authentic way. Participatory cinema thus becomes a powerful tool for advocacy and empowerment for these women, allowing them to raise their voices and share their perspectives with the world.

Cinemaximiliaan is a platform by and for newcomers in Belgium, with a love for cinema and other artistic and cultural practices of storytelling, aiming for warm dialogues with the people of their new homeland.