Irene Gutiérrez Torres

Reel Borders – Moroccan women’s film collection

Join us for a screening of short essay films created during a participatory filmmaking workshop in Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in North Africa bordering Morocco.

Thirteen women produced these short films over a three-month Participatory Filmmaking workshop situated in Ceuta. Participatory Filmmaking employs collaborative techniques enabling groups to create films about issues they deem significant.

The films’ narrators are cross-border Moroccan women working in domestic service, residing irregularly in Ceuta and representing approximately eight hundred women. These individuals have become part of a larger group of long-term undocumented migrants across Europe. The films do not show faces; this choice serves two purposes: to preserve their anonymity and to comment on their status as ‘invisible women.’ Instead of showcasing faces, the films focus on spaces. We view their world through their eyes, not ours.

Participatory filmmaking serves to elevate their voices and bring their stories to the forefront. For these women, participatory filmmaking is not just a medium—it’s a powerful tool for advocacy and empowerment. The films will be showed in loop during the whole festivalweekend.