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Super Terram

Soil chromatography

Discover the soil chromatographies of Super Terram.

Soil chromatography is an analytical technique that separates and identifies the components of a soil sample by causing them to migrate through an absorbent material using a solvent. This process helps determine the chemical composition of the soil.

Are you fascinated by the hidden forces of urban nature? Super Terram invites you to explore the living soils of Brussels, where unexpected life forms and biodiversity thrive, even beneath the most discreet surfaces. This avant-garde project underscores the importance of our urban soils, not only as the foundation of the city but also as living ecosystems essential to urban health and biodiversity.

As part of the Co-creation initiative, Super Terram collaborated with artists to engage citizens in the unique composition of our urban soils. The exhibited soil chromatographies bear witness to these innovative experiences.