stand avec materiel de réparation

Repair Together asbl

Mobile Repair Café

The Mobile Repair Café is a traveling and collaborative object repair workshop. It is the mobile version of the Repair Cafés that moves around to bring the co-repair experience to life. It includes:

– A reception area to ask your questions, learn about Repair Cafés, discover our missions and actions, discuss new modes of consumption;

– A repair space equipped with all the necessary tools and a large workbench to perform repairs together, learn, discover, share;

– A “café” area to meet people, wait for a repair, connect with Repair Café volunteers, and exchange ideas with neighbors…

The Mobile Repair Café is a traveling tool to discover the values and operation of Repair Cafés, to participate and share knowledge about repair, to raise awareness about waste reduction and the circular economy, and to strive for a more sustainable world.

Depending on the skills of the volunteer repairers present on the day, you can come and repair small appliances, electronic devices, computer equipment, bicycles, clothes, and/or sharpen your kitchen knives and scissors!

People will be served in the order of arrival.

Super Terram & CiDéSol

Walk and soil analysis

Workshop available only in French

Join us for a workshop to discover the soils of Park West. The workshop will begin with an informative walk where we will collect soil samples while learning about the characteristics and impact of pollution on our soils. The 45-minute walk will be followed by a hands-on workshop on producing chromatographs to analyse the nutrient and carbon content of soil.

Soil chromatography is an analytical method used to separate and identify the chemical components present in a soil sample. The technique is based on the difference in speed at which substances move through a stationary support under the action of a mobile fluid. For soils, it is particularly useful for analysing the content of nutrients, carbon and other organic or mineral substances.

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