musique électronique, biodiversité végétale, performance

Pauline Mikó


PLUIES is an innovative artistic project that explores the interface between electronic music and plant biodiversity.

Created by artist Pauline Mikó, PLUIES creates an immersive experience where the human body and plants enter into a symbiotic relationship to produce organic electronic music. Using modular synthesis, botany and bioelectronic sensors, Pauline Mikó creates an audiovisual performance that invites the audience to rediscover the relationship between humans and nature through the universal language of music.

Pauline Mikó is a visual and sound artist whose work explores the boundaries between art, technology and nature. A graphic arts graduate, she began the PLUIES project inspired by her travels and artistic encounters in Iceland. With PLUIES, she invites audiences to rethink their relationship with living things and to recognise music as a shared language between humans and nature.