Carré & Co asbl

Upcycling Fitness Granito

This activity is only available in NL-FR

Sport, art, and science all in one workshop! Create your own Granito wall tiles in this fun upcycling workshop suitable for all ages. Upcycling is a form of recycling where the processed product has the same or even better quality: like a new bag made from old denim or new furniture from old oil drums.

In this ‘sporty’ workshop, learn about the production chain and circular economy, and discover how to reuse bricks to create beautiful wall tiles.

Break your own used red bricks and shape them into lovely Granito wall tiles in this short workshop by Carré&Co vzw. Will you soon tile your bathroom with self-made tiles?

Carré & Co asbl raises awareness, creates and develops art and craft forms applied to urban design, the plastic arts, architecture and scenography.

Carré & Co develops inclusive and creative projects for the appropriation of public space with residents and neighbourhood associations in Brussels.

Their projects encourage practices based on re-use, personal well-being and encounters between diverse people.

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