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Repair Together asbl

Mobile Repair Café

The Mobile Repair Café is a traveling and collaborative object repair workshop. It is the mobile version of the Repair Cafés that moves around to bring the co-repair experience to life. It includes:

– A reception area to ask your questions, learn about Repair Cafés, discover our missions and actions, discuss new modes of consumption;

– A repair space equipped with all the necessary tools and a large workbench to perform repairs together, learn, discover, share;

– A “café” area to meet people, wait for a repair, connect with Repair Café volunteers, and exchange ideas with neighbors…

The Mobile Repair Café is a traveling tool to discover the values and operation of Repair Cafés, to participate and share knowledge about repair, to raise awareness about waste reduction and the circular economy, and to strive for a more sustainable world.

Depending on the skills of the volunteer repairers present on the day, you can come and repair small appliances, electronic devices, computer equipment, bicycles, clothes, and/or sharpen your kitchen knives and scissors!

People will be served in the order of arrival.

Jonathan Vigne (Repair Together asbl)

Planned obsolescence

Are you frustrated that your smartphone seems to be gradually slowing down even though it’s only 2 years old? Are you dreading the day when your printer breaks down for no apparent reason? We’ve probably all experienced this kind of problem before. Who is responsible for this? Is it programmed obsolescence?

In this interactive animation, we will try to answer these questions by analysing with you concrete cases that you encounter every day.

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Xavier Gazon

Circuit bending hub

This activity is only available in FR

In this interactive workshop, Xavier Gazon invites you to discover the art of circuit bending, a practice similar to hardware hacking. Learn how to hijack the internal circuits of electronic objects to create new sounds and sound effects. With a little imagination and creativity, you can give a second life to discarded devices and transform them into unique and original musical instruments. It’s a fun and educational experience, where music goes hand in hand with craft and innovation to create something truly unique.

Circuit bending and hardware piracy are often associated with the idea of “open source”, which encourages sharing and collaboration around knowledge and resources. This philosophy also applies to the field of electronic music, where circuit bending enthusiasts often share their discoveries, techniques and creations with other enthusiasts, encouraging the emergence of new ideas and projects.

Xavier Gazon is Belgian a music composer, sound artist and performer who works with modular synthesizers, homemade electronic instruments and electro-acoustic instruments.

To register for this activity, click here.

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Repair Together asbl

Mobile Repair Café

Repair Together is a social association based on solidarity that helps and supports local initiatives to mobilise for the sustainable use of resources. Its aim is to pool the resources needed to create, develop and maintain the Belgian “Repair Cafés” in Brussels and Wallonia. Activity on the festival: object repair workshop, including an introduction to repair. Important: people need to bring their objects to repair.



Make your own planter

This activity is only available in NL-FR

Take part in this creative upcycling workshop! Upcycling is a form of recycling in which your product has the same or even better quality after processing: such as a new bag made from old denim or new furniture made from old oil barrels. Learn in this workshop how to make plant or garden boxes from agricultural textiles and wood.

This workshop is organized by FabWest, the fab lab at West Station. Seize this unique opportunity and learn to make useful items that will help reduce waste at the same time. Take your creation home afterwards as tangible proof of your commitment to the circular economy and ecological sustainability.

Fabwest, an initiative of Fablab’ke, wants to make young people aware of science and production processes. They focus on themes such as circular economy, climate, green energy, urban resilience and environmentally friendly mobility.