Bel Albatros

Bel Albatros

Visit Bel Albatros in Recy-K

Dive into the world of Bel Albatros during their open house at Recy-K.

Bel Albatros takes plastic waste and recycles it, transforming it locally into a responsible, sustainable new material that combines aesthetics with the qualities and characteristics of plastic. The idea is to offer an alternative to plastic materials currently on the market. It is a strong value proposition: making beauty out of waste.

Produced in a workshop in the centre of Brussels, these panels are 100% recyclable and suitable for the most common indoor and outdoor applications: furniture, cladding, worktops, etc., while offering a strong visual identity. The products are aimed at professionals who want to limit their ecological footprint while benefiting from the technical properties of plastic. They are available in a variety of shades and finishes, from translucent to terrazzo to marbled. The challenge is to produce bubble-free, wave-free panels with a constant thickness and a smooth texture. To achieve this, a whole series of processes must be implemented to ensure product quality.

Attend a demonstration of the recycling process, from collection to production, and actively participate by depositing a handful of recycled plastic into their machine, which will be used to create a unique plaque in honor of this first edition of CurieuCity.

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