Xavier Gazon,

Xavier Gazon


Immerse yourself in this immersive musical experience with electrokinetic instruments and sound synthesis.

‘TabooTaboo’ is a musical project orchestrated by sound artist Xavier Gazon, creator of unique instruments powered by electromechanical elements and sensors interacting with a modular synthesizer.

Each instrument in ‘TabooTaboo’ is a work of art in its own right, capable of generating unheard-of sounds. But the magic happens when these mechanisms come to life, triggering automated instruments and creating a captivating and poetic symphony. In each performance, Xavier Gazon improvises an enchanting story, transporting the audience on a sensory journey through exotic lands and imaginary soundscapes.

TabooTaboo explores concepts such as ‘sound synthesis,’ ‘sound physics,’ ‘acoustics,’ ‘electromechanics,’ and ‘do-it-yourself.’ It thus offers a captivating performance both for music and science enthusiasts.

Xavier Gazon is a composer, sound artist, and performer who pushes the boundaries of sound art by exploring electromechanics and sound synthesis. Let yourself be surprised by a world where music and technology meet, where vibrations and sound waves are the raw materials of a fascinating artistic performance.