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Maxime Jennes et Dimitri Petrovic (Les Meutes) + Jaqâmaz

The Way Back – Film concert

This activity is only available in FR

In August 2015, Hussein Rassim arrives in Brussels after traveling thousands of kilometers from Iraq. A year later, after obtaining his residence permit, he decides to travel to Greece. This musical road movie takes you through Hussein’s migratory journey and that of thousands of other migrants. Through his encounters and the countries he traverses, his story takes shape and gives a voice to the forgotten.

“The Way Back” is more than just a documentary. Hussein’s captivating journey helps us better understand the plight of migrants and the challenges they face. This engaging cinematic experience raises awareness of the complex reality of migration, sheds light on the individual stories behind the statistics, and questions European immigration policy. With its dual approach, “The Way Back” humanizes the phenomenon of migration while encouraging critical reflection on contemporary sociopolitical issues.

During this cine-concert, the screening of The Way Back is accompanied by live music performed by the band Jaqâmaz, which includes the film’s protagonists, Hussein and Juliette.

nDreams, Little Cities


Little Cities VR

Immerse yourself in a virtual reality and create your own ‘little cities’: from modest villages to bustling metropolises. Plan the infrastructure, manage the city layout and develop a thriving community. Collaborate with other festival visitors and build your own ‘CurieuCity’. Dive into this unique experience of urban planning and spatial planning, just like a real urban planner.

Create thriving cities from scratch with a huge range of buildings, facilities and transport options at your fingertips. Lose yourself in endless creativity and create not only cities, but also the islands of your dreams.

Little Cities is a simple and fun creative simulation game for young and old. You can play it every day in the CurieuCity Video Games Area.

Free Lives, Jeu vidéo, Terra Nil

Free Lives

Terra Nil

Step into a post-apocalyptic world where you must transform barren lands into lush, thriving ecosystems. Use the latest advanced eco-technologies to purify the soil, plant forests and breathe new life into natural habitats. Once your mission is complete, you can recycle your buildings to erase all traces of your presence and leave the environment pristine for the new inhabitants of the animal kingdom.

Terra Nil is a strategic game about restoring barren, lifeless landscapes. Experience a sense of tranquility as you marvel at lush hand-painted environments, relaxing music and an atmospheric soundtrack that make Terra Nil a peaceful, meditative experience. Once you’re done, use the ‘Appreciate’ mode to enjoy the natural beauty of the ecosystem you’ve restored.



Join the Brussels plantswap community!

‘What is a plantswap?’

This cosy occasion brings together houseplant and garden lovers to share their plants and cuttings to expand their collection of green friends. The perfect opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, make new contacts and learn tips & tricks. You simply bring what you have at home and offer it to others.

By exchanging plants and cuttings for free, you counterbalance the capitalist production system: many houseplants are produced in ecologically dubious conditions and sold at high prices, to be consumed as decorative items that are discarded when their health deteriorates.

Help encourage the circular economy and increase your knowledge of plants at the same time!


Noio Games (Thomas van den Berg)

Cloud Gardens

Explore the interaction between nature and urban planning in this creative video game. Plant seeds to rejuvenate and transform overgrown, decaying urban environments into thriving spaces. Create unique dioramas with the healing power of nature and let your imagination run wild as you turn urban landscapes into green paradises.

Cloud Gardens is a garden simulator, dystopian landscape builder and puzzle game that offers frustration-free fun. Share your creations with fellow gardeners, download videos of other dioramas, and immerse yourself in the generative soundscapes of Amos Roddy, the composer of Kingdom.

The relaxing nature of Cloud Gardens encourages creativity. The video game has a huge catalog of objects and plants for you to choose from.

Watch the trailer of the game via the following link:


Odd Paper

Create your own personalised, sustainable notebook

Creating a personalized notebook from various types of collected paper.

OddPaper? That’s a Brussels-based company that crafts sustainable, personalizable notebooks from old paper sourced from local printers and companies. The notebooks are made entirely from 100% reclaimed paper. The company collects, sorts, and creatively repurposes Belgium’s own paper waste to create unique, personalized notebooks. In this workshop, you can learn how to handle and repurpose waste paper yourself.

Join this distinctive and practical workshop during CurieuCity. Create a personalized notebook from different types of collected and reclaimed paper and immerse yourself in the circular economy and the reuse of materials. At the same time, discover the fascinating story behind OddPaper, founded by Nastasia Anzad, and learn about various binding techniques. Whether you have a passion for writing, drawing or simply want to contribute to a more sustainable world: this workshop is for you!

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Karima Qias, Mahmonir, Adele, Ely

Chink of Light

Karima is a poet and artist, working with the mediums of calligraphy, textile and collage. Now based in Brussels, she will present the book and the expo Chink of Light that she made together with her siblings while fleeing for an uncertain future far from home.

Karima’s family is of Tajik origin and she was raised in Iran where she lived until 2017. Facing discrimination in Iran, Karima, her mother and six of her siblings made the difficult decision to journey by foot, truck and boat through Turkey, Lesbos and eventually to Athens. It was during this passage that Karima found strength by tuning into the sounds and connecting with nature, writing and collecting foliage. The results of her efforts were presented to the public for the first time when the Chink of Light exhibition was commissed in Athens in 2021.

Chink of Light is a poetry book composed by four young Tajik and Afghan women Karima, Mahmonir, Adele and Ely, who found themselves in Athens, Greece during the late 2010s. The book contains a sequence of haiku-style poems that express their experiences travelling from Iran through the mountains of Turkey, the Mediterranean Sea, Moria refugee camp on Lesbos island, and the city of Athens.

Chink of Light is being presented in multiple iterations: an exhibition featuring a handmade artists’ book collaboratively created by the girls, alongside their video portraits, accompanied by Persian (Farsi) poetry audio; and a chapbook with English translations which visitors can take home.

Within the context of this exhibition, Karima will propose an encounter with the visitors answering questions about her work. She will also host a haiku workshop on Saturday 4th May. Welcome to join.