Cassamajor O. Ánima (BackToSoilsBasics)

Eco-futuristic water tower

This activity is only available in NL-FR

Explore the essence of urban innovation with Back2SoilBasics’ eco-futuristic water tower installation. This art installation, orchestrated by the next generation – Albert School students and KET&CO – is a centre for collaboration, education and the experience of nature.

This castle is not only a symbol of urban water resilience, but also a living laboratory. Here you have the opportunity to engage with radical architecture and direct politics. It invites you to explore what it means to visit a park and observe nature. While absorbing the surrounding nature, you are invited to experience water in all its forms and learn more about the importance of sustainability in our cities.

Back2SoilBasics is a collective that focuses on the restoration of the earth, centred on putting a decolonised ecology into practice.