Groot Eiland

Visit the urban field of Groot Eiland

This activity is only available in NL-FR.

Experience the power of local cultivation and let the taste of freshness surprise you.

Groot Eiland proudly presents the abundance of urban nature at the city field L’abattoir, located on the roof of the historic abattoirs. The fields symbolize innovation, with the application of the SPIN farming method (Small Plot Intensive Farming) for the cultivation of ‘high value crops’. These crops promise a maximum yield per square meter. Imagine a salad mix, as vibrant as the city, slipping through your fingers, or taste the freshness of arugula, spinach and baby vegetables straight from the field. Colorful cherry tomatoes, edible flowers, aromatic herbs and crispy spring onions await to be admired.

‘Added value crops’ enrich the range with juicy zucchinis, crunchy beans, peas, creamy eggplants, spicy peppers and sweet melons, bringing the colors of summer to your plate. A visit reveals how the future of urban agriculture is taking shape!