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Repair Together asbl

Mobile Repair Café

The Mobile Repair Café is a traveling and collaborative object repair workshop. It is the mobile version of the Repair Cafés that moves around to bring the co-repair experience to life. It includes:

– A reception area to ask your questions, learn about Repair Cafés, discover our missions and actions, discuss new modes of consumption;

– A repair space equipped with all the necessary tools and a large workbench to perform repairs together, learn, discover, share;

– A “café” area to meet people, wait for a repair, connect with Repair Café volunteers, and exchange ideas with neighbors…

The Mobile Repair Café is a traveling tool to discover the values and operation of Repair Cafés, to participate and share knowledge about repair, to raise awareness about waste reduction and the circular economy, and to strive for a more sustainable world.

Depending on the skills of the volunteer repairers present on the day, you can come and repair small appliances, electronic devices, computer equipment, bicycles, clothes, and/or sharpen your kitchen knives and scissors!

People will be served in the order of arrival.

puzzle, géometrie

Inforsciences - ULB

Geometric puzzle

A polygon is a closed geometric shape made up of line segments. Can any polygon be cut into a limited number of pieces and then rearranged into a square?

We invite you to explore this fascinating question through the game of puzzles. What about three- or five-dimensional spaces? Would things be different if we had the ability to divide our shapes into an infinite number of pieces? We encourage you to join us in the fascinating world of geometric dissection. Join us for an adventure into the world of geometric transformations through puzzles and intellectual challenges.

Thema’s: Stedelijke ontwikkeling, Architectuur, Informeel leren

#wiskunde #geometrie #architectuur

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Super Terram

Soil chromatography

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Citizens for soil pollution control

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Migration, au-delà des préjugés

They’re going to invade us

Workshop only available in French

Discover ‘They’re going to invade us’, a captivating interactive educational experience! Aimed at young minds, this activity plunges them into the heart of migration issues and the realities of refugees. It’s animated in a participatory way, awakening curiosity and encouraging analysis of the distribution of refugees across the globe in parallel with the prosperity of countries.

Deepen your understanding of economic and geographical disparities and embrace the challenges faced by migrants and refugees. This reflective journey culminates in an illuminating discussion of the obstacles encountered along the way, training young people in the critical thinking skills needed to navigate these complex issues. Join us for an unforgettable experience of sharing and learning!

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mur de briques

BC Materials

Make your own clay bricks with Brussels earth

Discover sustainable innovation with BC Materials at the immersive workshop on raw earth construction.

Every year, Belgium extracts around 37 million tonnes of earth from construction sites, 70% of which is thrown away as waste. BC Materials transforms clean earth into eco-friendly building materials such as plasters, clay bricks and clay for walls and floors. These circular, CO2-neutral products contribute to a healthy indoor climate and minimise the use of grey energy.

Join the workshop to discover the circular earth process, from extraction to the manufacture of recycled bricks. Make your own clay bricks from Brussels earth, build a small wall, and take it apart to recycle the materials. A workshop that combines practice, environmental awareness and innovation, illustrating how construction can be carbon-neutral.

Cassamajor O. Ánima (BackToSoilsBasics)

Eco-futuristic water tower

This activity is only available in NL-FR

Explore the essence of urban innovation with Back2SoilBasics’ eco-futuristic water tower installation. This art installation, orchestrated by the next generation – Albert School students and KET&CO – is a centre for collaboration, education and the experience of nature.

This castle is not only a symbol of urban water resilience, but also a living laboratory. Here you have the opportunity to engage with radical architecture and direct politics. It invites you to explore what it means to visit a park and observe nature. While absorbing the surrounding nature, you are invited to experience water in all its forms and learn more about the importance of sustainability in our cities.

Back2SoilBasics is a collective that focuses on the restoration of the earth, centred on putting a decolonised ecology into practice.

Karima Qias

Haiku workshop – Chink of Light

Immerse yourself in the delicate world of haiku within the context of the exhibition ‘Chink of Light’ with poet and artist Karima Qias. Discover the serene art of this traditional Japanese poetry form, where expression is bound in just three lines and a total of 17 syllables, often reflecting nature’s fleeting beauty and life’s transient moments.

Chink of Light is a poetry book composed by four young Tajik and Afghan women Karima, Mahmonir, Adele and Ely, who found themselves in Athens, Greece during the late 2010s. The book contains a sequence of haiku-style poems that express their experiences travelling from Iran through the mountains of Turkey, the Mediterranean Sea, Moria refugee camp on Lesbos island, and the city of Athens.

Karima brings her unique story to this workshop, sharing how the haiku became her solace and strength during her journey.

No prior experience is needed. Register at or at the Information Point.

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jeux,economie circulaire, recupération, circuits

Xavier Gazon

Circuit bending hub

This activity is only available in FR

In this interactive workshop, Xavier Gazon invites you to discover the art of circuit bending, a practice similar to hardware hacking. Learn how to hijack the internal circuits of electronic objects to create new sounds and sound effects. With a little imagination and creativity, you can give a second life to discarded devices and transform them into unique and original musical instruments. It’s a fun and educational experience, where music goes hand in hand with craft and innovation to create something truly unique.

Circuit bending and hardware piracy are often associated with the idea of “open source”, which encourages sharing and collaboration around knowledge and resources. This philosophy also applies to the field of electronic music, where circuit bending enthusiasts often share their discoveries, techniques and creations with other enthusiasts, encouraging the emergence of new ideas and projects.

Xavier Gazon is Belgian a music composer, sound artist and performer who works with modular synthesizers, homemade electronic instruments and electro-acoustic instruments.

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Urban water recovery installation