Super Terram & CiDéSol

Walk and soil analysis

Workshop available only in French

Join us for a workshop to discover the soils of Park West. The workshop will begin with an informative walk where we will collect soil samples while learning about the characteristics and impact of pollution on our soils. The 45-minute walk will be followed by a hands-on workshop on producing chromatographs to analyse the nutrient and carbon content of soil.

Soil chromatography is an analytical method used to separate and identify the chemical components present in a soil sample. The technique is based on the difference in speed at which substances move through a stationary support under the action of a mobile fluid. For soils, it is particularly useful for analysing the content of nutrients, carbon and other organic or mineral substances.

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FARI. AI For the common good institute

FARI Datawalk

Cameras, sound beacons, digital billboards and even shared bicycles: since the last few years, cities like Brussels have been full of technologies that collect data about us. The Brussels research institute FARI has recently started organizing data walks, guided walks during which you will discover this virtual layer of the city. During this unique tour, you will learn about the different ways in which data is collected in the city and how data collection is transforming our cities and paving the way for “smart city applications. This guided walk was specially adapted for CurieuCity to the area around the West Station in Molenbeek. is a joint initiative of ULB and VUB that aims to develop, study and promote the deployment and management of Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics technologies in a reliable, transparent, open, inclusive, ethical and responsible manner.

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