Mâalem Driss Filali & Koyo de Bxl

Discover Gnawa music

The music, singing, and dancing of the Gwanas are part of Moroccan folk culture. Originally, their musical performances were religiously inspired. However, the meeting between Gwana and Jazz musicians in the early ’70s made the music known outside the community as well.

Driss Filali is a ‘mâalem’ or Gwana master, and one of the key artists from the Moroccan diaspora in Brussels. He is a member of MetX groups such as Marockin’ Brass and Banda Quetzal, and is the co artistic coordinator of the Gwana training program Karkaba.

As the son of mâalem Selam, Driss Filali grew up in Morocco in a cummunity where Gwana culture is omnipresent. At a young age, he learned to play music with his father and his cousin, mâalem Hamid. Together, they perform during various lila’s, traditional spiritual healing rituals, in Morocco and at festivals in France and Belgium. Enjoy their captivating music rhythms and whirlwind choreographies at CurieuCity.