Jonathan Vigne (Repair Together asbl)

Planned obsolescence

Are you frustrated that your smartphone seems to be gradually slowing down even though it’s only 2 years old? Are you dreading the day when your printer breaks down for no apparent reason? We’ve probably all experienced this kind of problem before. Who is responsible for this? Is it programmed obsolescence?

In this interactive animation, we will try to answer these questions by analysing with you concrete cases that you encounter every day.

Bel Albatros

Bel Albatros

Visit Bel Albatros in Recy-K

Dive into the world of Bel Albatros during their open house at Recy-K.

Bel Albatros takes plastic waste and recycles it, transforming it locally into a responsible, sustainable new material that combines aesthetics with the qualities and characteristics of plastic. The idea is to offer an alternative to plastic materials currently on the market. It is a strong value proposition: making beauty out of waste.

Produced in a workshop in the centre of Brussels, these panels are 100% recyclable and suitable for the most common indoor and outdoor applications: furniture, cladding, worktops, etc., while offering a strong visual identity. The products are aimed at professionals who want to limit their ecological footprint while benefiting from the technical properties of plastic. They are available in a variety of shades and finishes, from translucent to terrazzo to marbled. The challenge is to produce bubble-free, wave-free panels with a constant thickness and a smooth texture. To achieve this, a whole series of processes must be implemented to ensure product quality.

Attend a demonstration of the recycling process, from collection to production, and actively participate by depositing a handful of recycled plastic into their machine, which will be used to create a unique plaque in honor of this first edition of CurieuCity.

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Odd Paper

Create your own personalised, sustainable notebook

Creating a personalized notebook from various types of collected paper.

OddPaper? That’s a Brussels-based company that crafts sustainable, personalizable notebooks from old paper sourced from local printers and companies. The notebooks are made entirely from 100% reclaimed paper. The company collects, sorts, and creatively repurposes Belgium’s own paper waste to create unique, personalized notebooks. In this workshop, you can learn how to handle and repurpose waste paper yourself.

Join this distinctive and practical workshop during CurieuCity. Create a personalized notebook from different types of collected and reclaimed paper and immerse yourself in the circular economy and the reuse of materials. At the same time, discover the fascinating story behind OddPaper, founded by Nastasia Anzad, and learn about various binding techniques. Whether you have a passion for writing, drawing or simply want to contribute to a more sustainable world: this workshop is for you!

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FARI. AI For the common good institute

FARI Datawalk

Cameras, sound beacons, digital billboards and even shared bicycles: since the last few years, cities like Brussels have been full of technologies that collect data about us. The Brussels research institute FARI has recently started organizing data walks, guided walks during which you will discover this virtual layer of the city. During this unique tour, you will learn about the different ways in which data is collected in the city and how data collection is transforming our cities and paving the way for “smart city applications. This guided walk was specially adapted for CurieuCity to the area around the West Station in Molenbeek. is a joint initiative of ULB and VUB that aims to develop, study and promote the deployment and management of Artificial Intelligence, Data and Robotics technologies in a reliable, transparent, open, inclusive, ethical and responsible manner.

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Aline Yasmin

Sound poetry and other landscapes

This activity is only available in FR.

Poet Aline Yasmin moves around the city, in different places and circumstances, to produce a sound installation highlighting the diversity of Brussels.

The poetic project stresses the importance of listening to the city and valorizing the richness of its multicultural human presence, which she calls the poetic soundscape.

The audio sequences, looped for 18 minutes, are designed to immerse the audience in a listening experience that highlights the diversity of Brussels’ everyday voices. This soundscape is an attempt to capture the essence of Brussels through its sounds – human and otherwise – interwoven with its thoughts.