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Little Cities VR

Immerse yourself in a virtual reality and create your own ‘little cities’: from modest villages to bustling metropolises. Plan the infrastructure, manage the city layout and develop a thriving community. Collaborate with other festival visitors and build your own ‘CurieuCity’. Dive into this unique experience of urban planning and spatial planning, just like a real urban planner.

Create thriving cities from scratch with a huge range of buildings, facilities and transport options at your fingertips. Lose yourself in endless creativity and create not only cities, but also the islands of your dreams.

Little Cities is a simple and fun creative simulation game for young and old. You can play it every day in the CurieuCity Video Games Area.

ville, paysage urbain

Pauline Vanden Neste & Tom Lyon


The Brussels Canal has undergone numerous changes throughout history. Once, it served as a natural barrier for the city, but today, this former industrial district undergoing redevelopment represents a significant economical, social, and real estate asset for the Brussels of tomorrow.

The photographic series “Zones” is a visual exploration of the areas around the Brussels canal. Through the lenses of young photographers Pauline Vanden Neste and Tom Lyon, you are invited to discover areas of this emblematic district, the way it comes alive, and the people who live there.

Formerly an industrial center, these areas are now the scene of major urban change, particularly within the framework of the Canal Plan, which aims to revitalise waterfront areas and create new residential and commercial spaces.

Xavier Gazon,

Xavier Gazon


Immerse yourself in this immersive musical experience with electrokinetic instruments and sound synthesis.

‘TabooTaboo’ is a musical project orchestrated by sound artist Xavier Gazon, creator of unique instruments powered by electromechanical elements and sensors interacting with a modular synthesizer.

Each instrument in ‘TabooTaboo’ is a work of art in its own right, capable of generating unheard-of sounds. But the magic happens when these mechanisms come to life, triggering automated instruments and creating a captivating and poetic symphony. In each performance, Xavier Gazon improvises an enchanting story, transporting the audience on a sensory journey through exotic lands and imaginary soundscapes.

TabooTaboo explores concepts such as ‘sound synthesis,’ ‘sound physics,’ ‘acoustics,’ ‘electromechanics,’ and ‘do-it-yourself.’ It thus offers a captivating performance both for music and science enthusiasts.

Xavier Gazon is a composer, sound artist, and performer who pushes the boundaries of sound art by exploring electromechanics and sound synthesis. Let yourself be surprised by a world where music and technology meet, where vibrations and sound waves are the raw materials of a fascinating artistic performance.



Join the Brussels plantswap community!

‘What is a plantswap?’

This cosy occasion brings together houseplant and garden lovers to share their plants and cuttings to expand their collection of green friends. The perfect opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts, make new contacts and learn tips & tricks. You simply bring what you have at home and offer it to others.

By exchanging plants and cuttings for free, you counterbalance the capitalist production system: many houseplants are produced in ecologically dubious conditions and sold at high prices, to be consumed as decorative items that are discarded when their health deteriorates.

Help encourage the circular economy and increase your knowledge of plants at the same time!


Faculteit Architectuur KU Leuven

Building like Leonardo

This activity is only available in NL-FR.

This activity for young and old was inspired by the genius insights and ingenious constructions of artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci. Rinus Roelofs, mathematician and also artist, created these unique building elements that allow you to create impressive constructions without the use of glue, string, nails or screws. All you need is your imagination, patience and a steady hand. Step into the world of architecture and ingenious design and discover the magic of construction. Lay out surprising patterns and experience how subtle changes can lead to remarkable movements and new designs. An exciting combination of art, science and engineering awaits you in this hands-on activity for all ages.