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The Way Back – Film concert

Xavier Gazon,

Xavier Gazon


Immerse yourself in this immersive musical experience with electrokinetic instruments and sound synthesis.

‘TabooTaboo’ is a musical project orchestrated by sound artist Xavier Gazon, creator of unique instruments powered by electromechanical elements and sensors interacting with a modular synthesizer.

Each instrument in ‘TabooTaboo’ is a work of art in its own right, capable of generating unheard-of sounds. But the magic happens when these mechanisms come to life, triggering automated instruments and creating a captivating and poetic symphony. In each performance, Xavier Gazon improvises an enchanting story, transporting the audience on a sensory journey through exotic lands and imaginary soundscapes.

TabooTaboo explores concepts such as ‘sound synthesis,’ ‘sound physics,’ ‘acoustics,’ ‘electromechanics,’ and ‘do-it-yourself.’ It thus offers a captivating performance both for music and science enthusiasts.

Xavier Gazon is a composer, sound artist, and performer who pushes the boundaries of sound art by exploring electromechanics and sound synthesis. Let yourself be surprised by a world where music and technology meet, where vibrations and sound waves are the raw materials of a fascinating artistic performance.

musique électronique, biodiversité végétale, performance

Pauline Mikó


PLUIES is an innovative artistic project that explores the interface between electronic music and plant biodiversity.

Created by artist Pauline Mikó, PLUIES creates an immersive experience where the human body and plants enter into a symbiotic relationship to produce organic electronic music. Using modular synthesis, botany and bioelectronic sensors, Pauline Mikó creates an audiovisual performance that invites the audience to rediscover the relationship between humans and nature through the universal language of music.

Pauline Mikó is a visual and sound artist whose work explores the boundaries between art, technology and nature. A graphic arts graduate, she began the PLUIES project inspired by her travels and artistic encounters in Iceland. With PLUIES, she invites audiences to rethink their relationship with living things and to recognise music as a shared language between humans and nature.

Precy Numbi

Robot sapiens Kimbalambala

This exhibition and travelling performance offer an insight into the engaged artistic universe of an eco-futurist creator.

Precy Numbi is a visual artist, sculptor and performer who uses his art to raise public awareness of contemporary environmental and social issues. A graduate of the Kinshasa Academy of Fine Arts, Numbi is politically committed to human rights through militant performances in public spaces.

His works and performances explore themes of resistance, human resilience and environmental degradation. He uses recycled materials such as used plastic bottles, car bodies and electronic waste to create poetic films, analogue characters, living sculptures and contemporary masks. By interacting with the audience, he invites everyone to think about their own responsibility for preserving the planet and come up with creative solutions for a better future.


Mâalem Driss Filali & Koyo de Bxl

Discover Gnawa music

The music, singing, and dancing of the Gwanas are part of Moroccan folk culture. Originally, their musical performances were religiously inspired. However, the meeting between Gwana and Jazz musicians in the early ’70s made the music known outside the community as well.

Driss Filali is a ‘mâalem’ or Gwana master, and one of the key artists from the Moroccan diaspora in Brussels. He is a member of MetX groups such as Marockin’ Brass and Banda Quetzal, and is the co artistic coordinator of the Gwana training program Karkaba.

As the son of mâalem Selam, Driss Filali grew up in Morocco in a cummunity where Gwana culture is omnipresent. At a young age, he learned to play music with his father and his cousin, mâalem Hamid. Together, they perform during various lila’s, traditional spiritual healing rituals, in Morocco and at festivals in France and Belgium. Enjoy their captivating music rhythms and whirlwind choreographies at CurieuCity.