Smart cities

In a world marked by rapid urbanisation and technological change, “smart cities” are emerging as pillars of urban transformation. But what is a smart city? It’s a city that integrates various digital technologies to improve the efficiency, sustainability and accessibility of its infrastructure and services. From waste management to traffic monitoring, these cities use information and communication technologies to improve urban services and reduce their ecological impact.

CurieuCity is taking up this theme to explore in concrete terms how these technological innovations are reshaping urban management and influencing our daily lives. Through a series of immersive activities, the festival seeks to stimulate an open and critical dialogue on the integration of digital technologies in our cities, highlighting both their benefits and the ethical challenges they pose. By encouraging reflection and debate on the moral implications of these technologies, CurieuCity invites everyone to play an active role in shaping our connected urban future.

For example, the ‘Datawalk’ activity organised by FARI takes participants on an exploration of urban data in Molenbeek, revealing how data is collected and used through urban devices such as cameras and self-service bicycles. This educational walk raises important questions about surveillance and privacy, inviting participants to reflect on the ethical implications of these technologies.

On the other hand, Benjamin Gaulon’s “2.4 GHz” project exposes the risks and vulnerabilities associated with urban surveillance by allowing participants to see how security camera signals can be intercepted. This initiative encourages critical reflection on the balance between security and privacy in modern urban spaces.

In a different vein, Damien Petitot’s ‘Déjà-vu’ installation uses interactive mirrors with facial recognition to question the interactions between technology and personal identity, highlighting algorithmic judgements and their implications for our autonomy and privacy.

Finally, the “Build your climate-resilient city of the future” workshop illustrates how smart cities can also be essential tools in the fight against climate change, using LEGOs and artificial intelligence to show the positive impact of green zones on reducing urban temperatures.

In conclusion, CurieuCity goes beyond simply showcasing the technological capabilities of smart cities. The festival opens up a stimulating and thoughtful dialogue on their impact in transforming our urban environments. It highlights the crucial importance of rethinking our cities in an increasingly connected and technologically advanced world, while insisting on the protection of individual freedoms and the adaptation of our urban spaces to today’s climatic challenges.

CurieuCity invites you to take part in this vital conversation about the future of our cities!