Hyperdiverse society

In our modern world, borders go beyond simple lines on a map to touch on deeper notions such as belonging, identity and imagination. CurieuCity, a reflection of this complex reality, invites you to explore these dimensions through a series of activities exploring the richness and complexity of superdiversity.

Brussels is the very embodiment of superdiversity. As the most cosmopolitan city in Europe and the second most cosmopolitan in the world, it is home to a population of 184 different nationalities, representing 40% of its inhabitants.

Superdiversity, a concept coined by sociologists, describes a complex and intense level of demographic diversity specific to modern societies. More than just ethnic or national diversity, it encompasses a range of factors such as the legal status, languages spoken, religious beliefs, cultural practices and socio-economic backgrounds of individuals.

The hyperdiverse society intensifies this complexity by recognising the dynamic interaction between these different dimensions. In this context, diversities intersect to form an extremely varied social fabric, where identities are fluid and traditional categories of social classification less relevant. This hyperdiversity calls into question old integration structures and public policies, requiring more nuanced and adaptive approaches to foster coexistence and social cohesion in contemporary urban environments.

The hyperdiverse society observed today in many of the world’s metropolises, such as Brussels, reflects a mosaic of individual trajectories, legal statuses and career paths. These elements intersect to form an urban landscape where interactions and identities are constantly being renegotiated.

CurieuCity highlights urban superdiversity and provides a platform for exploring, understanding and celebrating this complex reality. From academic debate to artistic expression, the festival encourages participants to reflect on the practical implications of superdiversity. Activities demonstrate how diversity enriches urban life, influences public policy and shapes community life. They also address the challenges of social and economic integration in diverse contexts. By exploring the interactions between cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity, CurieuCity challenges old models of integration and provides a stage where dialogue and artistic expression meet to illustrate superdiversity. These initiatives encourage reflection on the challenges and opportunities of this social dynamic, while celebrating the diversity of individual and collective experiences.

With activities such as the photographic exhibition Zones by Pauline Vanden Neste and Tom Lyon, and the Talk on the neighbourhood of the future” led by Felix Aerts and Arshia Ali Azmat, the festival captures urban and social transformations. These events offer a window onto the evolution of neighbourhoods and the reinvention of urban spaces, highlighting how these changes influence public policies and social ties.

The cinematic aspect is also central, with works such as Reel Borders, Chink of Light and The Way Back using film and poetry to depict personal migratory narratives, enriching our understanding of these experiences.

Community engagement and education play a key role in demystifying prejudices about migration and asylum issues, through interactive workshops such as They’re going to invade us. Aline Yasmin’s sound installation transforms migrants’ testimonies into a rich soundscape, immersing visitors in the multiple layers of identity that enrich the urban fabric.

Finally, CurieuCity is punctuated by musical moments, such as the film-concert The Way Back and performances by Jaqâmaz and Mâalem Driss Filali & Koyo de Bxl, which celebrate cultural diversity and illustrate how music can build bridges between different cultures and traditions.

Through these activities, CurieuCity does more than simply exhibit diversity; it actively engages its visitors in an exploration of hyperdiverse societies. Each activity is an invitation to rethink our place and role in these complex dynamics, fostering an enriching dialogue that is necessary to understand the realities of our interconnected world. The festival encourages a richer, more empathetic, inclusive and nuanced appreciation of superdiversity.

Join us in this exploration and help stimulate a constructive dialogue about the future of our urban societies!